Wedding Bells

He was absolutely wrong; ‘sleep tight’ doesn’t make any sense. You think she could sleep the night before her big day? Conceive of waking up in the mehendi aroma after a while, certain ceaseless exhilaration was already growling within her. Being bride on point, seated in the perfect angle which seems like she has already measured so as to outlay best in her beauty. Bridesmaids in blue green and yellow, still her velvet red salwar blaze the most. Crystal sparkles all over the hall again from her necklace and bangles.  Opisthotonos she just fell in love with are all set to disclose her patootie. Whatever we say, he has now become her hallucination, accompanied to pass time in between the giggles and murmurs. Together they finds the pleasure of being loved and falling for each other over again and again. Super tempting is the aromatic biriyani waiting for me outside. Wedding bell rings. God knows what more on her head is, thus I do exhilarate, when does it happens to me.



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