The world might’ve seen you wave the victory flag of a successful life, but only you be there to see your life turning xeric and thus getting a feeling you’re lonely in a barren land, where the very life seems to be in vain but you Pretend to be delightful and vehement, but deep inside you shall dwell reminiscently evoking the long forgotten memories of resplendent and zealous youth ,and so was mine that was Overwhelmed in presumptuousness , that which always I’ve had an alluring buzz in ears got me dauntless adorning mind to transcend as daring as a daredevil, leaving me persistent in pursuing the worldly pleasures and luxury through all the thick and thin making me nothing less of a hedonist in reality. Now looking back I realize despite having gained all what I once strove for were only mere materials and pretensions I was insidiously tantalized with making me a one living in fool’s paradise. I’ve been only deceived with the worldly lies, the lies, once I thought, was the real life, and nothing else could ever bring more blissful vibes, and I do realize, those sweet whispers in ears and great thoughts of being a dignitary rushed to mind were only mondegreens. Coz I’d never know I was breaking my head and breaking my sweat only to build a bleaky future with nobody to really make feel my pain, But I’ve always had many to make feel my gain.

Now I do find myself being in an infertile state for I find no real tranquility in life which I’d failed to work for, and that nothing’s now gonna bring forth a new petrichor in life, Coz it’s too late to go back in time to foster and prosper the true meaning and purpose of life . What you had and have, nothing’s really gonna matter as your life nears towards the end.



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